What Is Cyber Lab?

Cyber Labs is the digital partner of Candy Factory Group based in Sri Lanka. The concept is the technology transformation throughout the digitalization of the corporate context. Cyber Labs Focus on providing IT solutions that answer the business and technical challenges faced by our clients.

Our approach consists in combining our experience in various industries with our expertise in Digital Media, Social Media Marketing and Management, Website Design, SEO in order to help our customers reach their goals.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Nowadays as most of the people joining social media, the social media industry become bigger and blooms like never before. Therefore social media marketing is one of the main biggest marketing platforms as your target audience is hanging around social media and they’re engaging with their favorite brands and connecting with them on different levels. Candy Factory Cyber Labs make sure that your company will get the highest exposure in the society through Social Media Platforms such as Facebook & Instagram.

Web Designing

Whether it is a simple informative website or a complete interactive e-commerce website, our team of designers will deliver a product in line with your business strategy.

Mobile Applications

Cyber Labs has a team of expert developers who can design and develop customized mobile applications using various mobile operating systems. Applications include games, news, utilities, weather, search facilities, GPS tracking facilities and many more features that can help you add real value to what you can offer your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Because simply having a website is not enough to reach your target audience, Cyber Labs will work with your organization to convert your online objectives into sales results.

A first step will consist in analyzing your web traffic in order to elaborate a sales strategy and an action plan for your business online.